Freitag, 7. August 2015

Phantasialand and sunburn?

Hey guys,so as I was saying in my last post I went to an amusement park on Wednesday and I literally had such a good time. I am obsessed with the adrenalin you feel while riding a rollercoaster and its just amazing. I also kinda wanna go to Disneyland because I also have a Disney obsession #duuuh but its so darn expensive and that sucks, On Thursday I did not really do anything besides going to the gym and today I went to a lake which is close to my house and I spent 6 1/2 hours there in the sun (with like 95 degrees or more idek) without using sunscreen bc I forgot soo I am sunburned in my face but oh well I got a really good tan besides that :D
Right now I am just really craving McDonalds but nobody wants to come with me to get it soo that's probably not going to happen. - Update, it did happen and I got some chilli cheese snackers (they're new and sooo good) and a McFlurry Pickup Wildberry which was also really gooood!
Now I am watching 'Mean Girls' and then I am probably going to bed.
My grandparents are gonna come visit tomorrow so I'm pretty excited for that and I am also gonna be going to a birthday party of a friend of mine soo that's what I'm up to.
Leave a comment telling me what your plans for the next days are.

xoxo Marie ♥

Samstag, 1. August 2015

Shopping and chilling

Sooo basically the title of this post perfectly sums up everything I have been doing these past few days. On Thursday morning me and my sister had to take care of our brother because our parents were working and later that day we went to a new fashion outlet in Montabaur (which is where I went to boarding school) and I got some new Nikeee's and I am sooo obsessed with them!!

Then on Friday after my mom got off work we went there again because the Levi's store didn't open until that day but sadly I didn't find anything. Well and besides that I have just been watching youtube videos and yeaaah. Oh and also I finished "Looking for Alaska" and it was so saaaad. I'm pretty pumped about being able to start "Paper Towns" now because it is already in the Theaters and I wanted to read it before I go see the movie. Wellll what else.. oh I have been wanting to start watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" but I am not quite sure yet if I wanna start with season 1 or just a later one. 

Today I went to the gym with my mom and after that we got "Döner" (which is food lol) because a new place opened where I live and they had really great deals on it because today was the first day and then I hung up a world map in my room because I want to DIY it but I'm not gonna tell y'all yet what I'm gonna do with it. I'll upload a picture once I finished it though. Besides lying in my bed and chilling I have been literally sooooo excited for next week because I am gonna go to an amusement park with a friend of mine (it's called Phantasialand) because I just loveeeee rollercoasters and I have never been to that park ,although I have been wanting to go for ages, and yeah I think that is about everything I've got to say right now.

xoxo Marie

PS; Thanks so much again to my hostgrandma for donating ♥

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

Hair desaster & plans to come visit?

Sooo hey guys, this is going to be a short blogpost.
First of all -yesterday I bought hairdye and wanted to dye my hair a little blonder but well it didn't work sooo I wasted 5€ . But what I actually wanted to announce is that I started a gofundme page so I can come visit all of y'all again. Soooo if you know anyone who would want to donate here is the link ♥ Also you can always find it in the right bar on this blog. Spread the word.

xoxo Marie

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Car breakdown & being rejected!?

Hey guys,
Sooo I still haven't really decided on what I'm going to do with this blog because I keep procrastinating 🙆🏼 Well but anyways, on Friday I got out of school for summer (FINALLY) and I still think it is major unfair that I just have 6 weeks of summer in contrast to like America but oh well. Oh btw really sad story right here: I went partying Thursday night and I met this really cute guy of whom I thought he was like idk 19/20ish and we even danced for a little but then he asked my friend I was with how old I was and then a few minutes later they left and now idek his name or anything so yeah. Sad right?😂 Well so yesterday we drove to Essen (which is like 2 hours away from where I live) because that's where most of my family lives, like my grandparents etc. because there was gonna be a idk how to call it family meet up thingy from like my grandpas side of the family and tbh it was literally sooo boring but well the food was nice 😂 And yeah we stayed one night at my grandparents house and then  today we drove back and like 20 minutes away from home our car broke down and yeah that wasn't really cool 😅 Well so then a friend of ours came to pick up my mom and my two youngest siblings bc my sister had somewhere to be and she was already late and everything so my dad, my other sister & I had to wait for the like what do you call it breakdown vehicle thingy do come pick us up and well that took like 50 minutes. Buuut at least I had a book (Looking for Alaska) with me so I wasn't too bored. I acutally started reading it in Germany bc I couldn't find the English one but then a friend of mine said she had the English one and yasss now I'm reading that. Btw I also bought 'Papertowns' which I am also reallly excited to read once I finished my current one. I acutally started reading "Girl Online" by Zoella (a youtuber) too but its not quite interesting so far sooo I prefer John Green's books at the moment.
Tonight I'm gonna go to a hookah bar with a friend of mine and just kinda chill there I guess sooo yup that's all I have to say for rn I think ☺️ 

xoxo Marie

Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

Moving my blog?

OK sooo I'm still not even sure if anyone reads this but I am thinking about moving my blog to wordpress instead of  here because I don't know I just kinda wanna try something new since this was actually just supposed to be a blog about my American experience and everything so yeaaah still kinda deciding on that in my head... with myself.. nope that is not weird at all.. :D
Well so today was not really an exciting day. I woke up at 12 pm, just kinda chilled in my bed the whole day until I had my singing lesson. Then I met with an old friend afterwards and I watched the first half of a concert at my old school and yasss now I'm thinking about watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or reading or sleeping or watching youtube videos or deciding on what to do with this blog or do my nails or clean my room  or... Yeah so many options ..
Umm since I did not attach any photos of my little "photoshoot" with my best friend yesterday I guess I'm gonna do that now and yass that's pretty much it for today.